Cloud Shadows | Hikes Greenhorn Mountain

North Peak (12,220') and Greenhorn Mountain (12,347')

Greenhorn Mountain Wilderness, Wet Mountains, Colorado


Greenhorn Mountain is high prominence of 3,768 feet while North Peak is unranked.  The hike round-trip length was 5.6 miles and cumulative gain of 1,003 feet.  The hike starts at the wilderness boundary at the end of Greenhorn Mountain Road.


Topo Map






The hike started easy enough.  And on and on and on.

The start of the Greenhorn Trail.


The wilderness boundary was easy to find.

The wilderness boundary.


North Peak pops above the trees.


The views really opened up and I enjoyed the clouds swirling in distance.


The trail offers great views to the south.


The trail turns north and ascends broken talus.


The view to the northwest.


Glad to meet you Mr. Greenhorn.


We leave the trail and hike north toward North Peak.


The summit of North Peak.


Greenhorn Mountain seen from North Peak.


The eastern plains.


On the way to the summit.


The Spanish Peaks rise prominently in the distance.


There's a few lumps and bumps along the ridge line.


The view to the east.


Autumn comes early up high.

Fall colors.


The final stretch to the summit.


Ridge top views.


The summit of Greenhorn Mountain.


The eastern horizon.


The scene to the west.


We follow broken trail segments down the south side.


Light show.


We descend to the Bartlett Trail and follow it back to the car.


Parting shot.